What we do to help you get started

In 2014 Yeovil4Family realised that other communities might benefit from having a similar sort of programme delivered by churches in their area. Hence the 4Family programme was developed.

The 4Family Replication Programme will give you the tools that you’ll need in order to play a key part to positively impact families. This will include our processes, knowhow and toolkit together with training you need to be able to deliver the programme. We will also train you to train Volunteer Family Mentors to provide one to one listening support in the home with families where there are children aged 0-18 years, for one hour a week.

The aim is to ‘help families to help themselves’. To do this Mentors are trained to work with the family by listening to them in a non- judgemental way and help them to gain the support they need to make changes, find solutions to their challenges and bring new hope into their lives.

Your Mentors will be supported by Family Link Workers (part of your team and trained by us) who will communicate with any agencies involved with a family, supporting the mentor and most importantly the family themselves. It is our hope we can empower families so they can regain control over their lives and feel equipped to move forward.


4Family work with all types of families where there are children and young people, cared for by one or two adults regardless of faith, gender, race, disability, marital status, social class, age or sexual preference. All families come in different shapes and sizes, with different experiences, achievements and struggles.


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