Yeovil4Family was set up in 2011 as a family support project in response to the fact that some families in our communities are in need of additional support.

Our HOME page tells the story of our exciting evolution from  2011, who we work with and the REPLICATION OPPORTUNITIES that we offer, enabling churches in other areas to impact families in their community.

Our Motivation……..

Shapes and guides every aspect of our work. Motivated by God’s unconditional love for all people. Our desire is to see transformation in ourselves and our community. We do this by living out the following values and behaviours.






We believe that we are part of something bigger than just ourselves; that we are created to live in community and that our community prospers when we meet the needs of the marginalised, poor, sick and disadvantaged.


 We believe everyone is created with talents, skills, potential and has significant worth

We believe in a God who loves everyone, regardless of religion, sex, race, background, nationality and creed

The central message of scripture is one of hope. A message that says however difficult your past, it does not need to define your future.

We are committed to not only facilitating change in peoples circumstances, but also in how they view themselves, so they are empowered to make better choices.

Our Team

Alan Guy
Alan Guy4Family Replicate Manager
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Rachel Dyer
Rachel Dyer4Family Founder
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