Yeovil4Family was established in 2011 by churches in Yeovil who have a heart to see the tide of family breakdown turn in the town, to see children who are loved and cared for prosper and family relationships that are constructive instead of destructive and damaging. Yeovil4Family provide Volunteer Family Mentors to support everyone in the family and show them there is a chance that things can be different both now and for generations to come. They work with a wide range of families with complex and challenging needs, regardless of faith, gender, race, disability, marital status, social class, age or sexual preference.

Hosted by our CIO governing body Yeovil Community Church, in 2012 Yeovil4Family were awarded  the contract to work alongside South Somerset Together, a partnership between the local council and key agencies to improve the quality of life in South Somerset. Our role was to deliver the ‘Family Focus’ support programme by providing Family Link Workers and Volunteer Mentors, (if appropriate) to work alongside isolated families in South Somerset. This work has seen Yeovil4Family play a key part in the council’s response to the national government initiative to positively impact families with complex needs in Britain (the DCLG Troubled Families  Agenda).  By June 2015 this contract saw Yeovil4Family work with 145 families.

Yeovil4Family realised that other communities might benefit from having a similar sort of programme delivered by local churches in their area. So 4Family was developed as a programme that churches across the country are now able to replicate, either in the same way that Yeovil4Family started, or by delivering programmes in partnership with key agencies, which is the way Yeovil4Family has evolved.

Visit our 4Family Community page if you want to know more how to make a difference in your community.

Yeovil4Family were delighted to receive a Centre for Social Justice Award in 2015

Helping People to Help Themselves.